Watch our town hall discussion on how we can work together as a community to improve outcomes for our young people. We invited parents, students, business leaders, educators and community leaders to discuss how we can drive solutions that are actionable. TAKE THE NEXT STEP AND GET INVOLVED!

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Moderated by Ray Suarez
PBS NewsHour Senior Correspondent

American Graduate Community Town Halls are part of American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen. A public media initiative made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This town hall is also one of the America’s Promise Alliance Grad Nation Community Summits, a national initiative sponsored by AT&T. 

View selected clips from the town hall:

Schools Need the Community

Mike Jones, a case worker with the Family and Workforce Centers of America, explains that schools and educators alone are not equipped to address the social, mental, physical, and emotional needs of students saying, "The community is the biggest aspect of what's missing."

It Takes Trust

Charlie Bean, Dropout Prevention Specialist with St. Louis Public Schools, talks about how he cultivates trusting relationships with students to get them back in school and on the path to graduation.

Every Child Doesn't Learn The Same 

Students, educators, and parents discuss the importance in understanding that all students are unique and learn in different ways.

The Need for Corporate Involvement

Community members talk about the urgency behind providing corporate funding for schools and communities in need.

Better Preparation for Better Futures

Students talk about what they need from schools to better prepare them for the futures they want to achieve.

Town Hall Post Show

Watch where the audience took the conversation after the broadcast ended.


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