Senior citizens at The Gatesworth retirement community, inspired by the Nine Network’s American Graduate Day broadcast last September, contacted the station to find out how they could help with Nine’s five-year American Graduate initiative.

By combining the wisdom, experience and caring of The Gatesworth residents with the energy, openness and passion of students from Cardinal Ritter College Prep, the Intergenerational Storytelling Project was born. Click here for the full story.

Meet the Participants

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Students Need Support from Parents

Cardinal Ritter students Tyler Murphy and Dominique Brand speak with Gatesworth resident Gordon Yoder about how important it is that parents take an active interest in the success of their children.

Education Changes Over Time

Stan Boudreau, Gatesworth resident, sits down with Cardinal Ritter students Jordyn Blackshear, Bryce Olden and Alexandra Whitley to discuss the changes that have taken place in education from one generation to the next.

Students Have Opportunities for Success

Gatesworth resident Stan Boudreau explains why youth should take advantage of the many opportunities that today's education affords them.

The Early Years are Important

Gatesworth resident Lilli Kautsky and Cardinal Ritter student Samira Alwazir talk about how important early childhood development is for a child's future life.


Conversation Drives Solutions