Partner Spotlight: YouthBuild St. Louis

Posted by Lindsey Forsythe on

YouthBuild St. Louis is a community and youth development organization that provides real-world training and important life skills to young adults who have dropped out of high school. 

By offering on-site career training and GED preparation, as well as communication and leadership skills, YouthBuild St. Louis prepares youth to enter into careers where they can earn a decent living for themselves and their families. A number of graduates from St. Louis YouthBuild go on to become carpenter apprentices and then enter the construction field.

Providing young people with these opportunities, and building their self-esteem in the process, YouthBuild St. Louis helps them stay out of trouble and on the path to success.

Additionally, all of the housing constructed by YouthBuild St. Louis goes to low-income families in the area.

To learn more about YouthBuild St. Louis, visit the Youthbuild website

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