Craft Alliance Artist inspires McCluer students with CommuniTea Project

Posted by Lindsey Forsythe, Jh'Sya Bass on
Jh'Sya Bass and teacher Norleen Nosri.
Sarah Carmody

Jh’Sya Bass, a rising senior at McCluer High School, wrote the following blog post. During the spring 2015 semester, Jh’Sya participated in the CommuniTea Project. Under Craft Alliance artist/teacher Norleen Nosri's guidance, the students  designed and sculpted large bases that house approximately 2,000 porcelain cups. Nosri made the cups for each student and members of the faculty and staff at McCluer Senior High School to carve their wishes, hopes and dreams onto their cup. Jh’Sya shares her experience with the project and talks about the impact that her American Graduate Champion, Norleen, had on her.    

CommuniTea_Jh-Sya_McCluer.jpgMcCluer High School                              

CommuniTea is a blessing to our community because it sheds a light on all of the good things. It’s about coming together as one making peace. Peace for our loved ones, and peace for our society. It unites us all. CommuniTea sent nothing but good vibes throughout the whole school.

This whole experience has been nothing but breathtaking. Working on this project with Ms. Norleen, we all thought this idea was very good and inspiring. Being able to make a wish or a quote that many people will see is inspirational. We are inspiring everyone, not just our community, but everyone to come heal with us. Let’s celebrate love, joy, and happiness.

During this whole process, I feel like I wouldn't be able to become who I am right now because Ms. Norleen is truly amazing. She’s my role model; she’s an inspiration. I’ve never experienced anything like this before but I’m so glad I have.

She inspires the whole Ceramic II’s class. Everyone appreciates what she’s done for us. For her to give us this opportunity, it's truly amazing and I am very grateful for it. People in our school feel like this is a brilliant idea, and when we got to carve our wishes and quotes on our cup everybody was excited about it because being able to reach out to someone with just a wish or a quote really makes people feel good. It makes them feel as if they’re a leader, which we all are. This is the best thing that has happened to us.

Imagine years from now coming to McCluer Senior High School and looking back at our bases and teacups, and reading what every single cup says. Like actually taking the time to really understand everyone’s wish of what they wanted people to see or think about. Some were about what was going on in our community. Others were about how you should reflect on yourself, and some were something to get you through the day. Everything was motivational. This whole experience shows all of the good things a group of people can do together. This experience will last a lifetime and will be cherished forever!


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