American Graduate partners gather for first 2015 meeting

Posted by Aja Williams on
Partners gathered at Nine Network Jan. 23 for the first 2015 meeting.
Aja J. Williams

Jan. 23, more than 40 people of various bi-state region organizations attended the first 2015 American Graduate partner meeting at Nine Network.

Together, the group looked at what had been done in 2014: the increased understanding and awareness around education in the region and Nine Network’s role as the executive producer for the national American Graduate initiative.

The group dived in and looked ahead to the next set of goals in 2015. During introductions, each person was asked to give one word that is a goal for youth in the area, which can be seen in the graphic below.

Aspirations Wordle_2015-01-23.png

Several themes emerged during the group’s brainstorming sessions such as:

  • Shifting the narrative of St. Louis and that story in young people’s minds;
  • Finding new and creative ways to educate and help at-risk youth
  • Become inclusive to all who could make a difference in the lives of youth
  • Address the reality & consequences of what the dropout crisis is in the region.

The next local American Graduate partners meeting will be set in early spring.

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