Ritenour students cover youth race relation conversations

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In January 2015, students from 14 St. Louis schools came together to engage in conversation and dialogue around race, the situation in Ferguson, and other topics as part of the first annual Student Summit on Race.

During the summit, sponsored by Education Plus, the students discussed current race relations in St. Louis and generated plans for overcoming obstacles to achieving those ideals. Ultimately, the students decided to create sister schools and school exchange programs to continue working together on this issue.

Mikaila Warren, a producer for Ritenour High School’s student news program, interviewed student participants during the summit to get their perspectives on racial relations in St. Louis and hear how they talk about and think about race.

See Mikaila's film here.   

Mikaila’s film is just one example of the work Ritenour High School’s media students are doing to highlight important issues in the community, including race.

During the 2014-2015 school year, students have produced radio and television stories that give their peers a voice on topics that impact their lives, including education, youth activism and engagement, career paths, and more.

Programs like the Student Summit on Race and Ritenour’s media convergence program not only provide young people with communication and relationship skills, but can also inspire them to get involved in their schools and communities.

Through the summit, young people have the opportunity to work together to create positive change in their communities, an experience that can empower them to take on leadership roles in school and advocate for change they and their peers want to see. Students in the media convergence program naturally become heavily involved in their school and develop real-world skills that they will use to get to graduation and beyond.

To see more of the students' coverage and work, visit the Ritenour's student website and follow @KRHSMedia

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