Stay Tuned looks at Ferguson, youth movement

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Ferguson-Florissant students participated in the "Stay Tuned" episode.
Aja J. Williams

Thursday, Nine Network of Public Media’s weekly public affairs show, Stay Tuned, examined the recent events of Ferguson – the release of the Department of Justice report and resignations of several officials – and what the region looks like in terms of moving forward.

One key topic that remains relevant to the discussion and tends to come to the forefront is how education is a part of the solution to rebuilding and helping the community at large.

Several of the show’s guests made note that youth have been greatly engaged in Ferguson and are leading this movement that has gained international attention.

Toward the end of the show, several agreed that education is at the root to improving the community.

 T.R. Carr of the Ferguson Commission said, “If the school district is failing, the municipality will fail. Everything is related; we have to look at police. We have to look at courts. We have to look at economics, we have to look at education.”

Amy Hunter, director of racial justice at YWCA Metro St. Louis, said in a town with schools of a higher caliber were on the cusp of not having more than half of students graduate, the community would rally around it. She said this is a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together around those children.

See the full episode below. Also, check out what people online said throughout the show below.

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