Fathers seek greater community support, resources

Posted by Lindsey Forsythe on

As part of Nine’s ongoing efforts to gather community input that informs our American Graduate work, we convened a community conversation with graduates from the Fathers’ Support Center (FSC) on March 4.

During the conversation, many fathers expressed frustration over the lack of resources that are available to them as dads and said that sometimes it seems as though the system is geared to keep fathers out of their children’s lives, rather than include them in their lives as active parents.

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They said they could greatly benefit from having greater access to resources that prepare them for fatherhood, provide information about child support, and help them navigate challenges among others. In addition to these resources, the fathers continually stressed the need for systemic reform in order to address many of the challenges they are facing. They credited Fathers’ Support Center for providing many of the resources they need and for advocating for reform, but they wish more people would be aware of and get involved in these efforts.

To learn more about Fathers’ Support Center, visit their website. FSC is also hosting its Annual Fatherhood Walk/5K Run and Rally on June 20, 2015 to promote awareness of the importance of responsible fatherhood.

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