School Matters Everyday: September is Attendance Awareness Month

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September is "Attendance Awareness Month" sponsored by Attendance Works. The goal is to raise awareness of the connection between attendance in school and academic achievement. The goal is to promote the value of good attendance and to take steps toward reducing chronic absence. Keeping students in school keeps them on the path to graduate.

Quick Attendance Facts

  • Poor attendance can keep children from reading proficiently by the end of third grade, which is shown to negatively affect their chances of graduating on time.
  • By sixth grade, a chronically absent student is shown to have a significantly higher chance of dropping out of high school.
  • Students from low-income families are four times more likely to be chronically absent. Reasons for this are often out of the student’s control, such as unreliable transportation, unstable housing, and a lack of access to quality health care.

Mentors Matter

Meet a few of the American Graduate Champions from St. Louis making an impact in the lives of youth, keeping them in school and on track to graduate

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