Dad teaches, inspires son to use brain as a weapon in life

Posted by Michael Stayton on

Editor's Note: Michael Stayton is a rising senior at Cardinal Ritter College Prep in St. Louis, MO. During the summer of 2015, he worked as an intern for Nine Network of Public Media and chose his dad as the subject of his blog post. This is in his own words below. 

My American Graduate champion is my dad.

Ever since preschool, my dad has pushed me to do my best and never settled for anything less. As the youngest of three kids, he has always been there for me, and I can talk to him about anything.

I remember a time when I was younger and did something I wasn’t supposed to do at my grandmother's house, and the look in my dad’s eyes told me I was in trouble. Once we were home he gave me a spanking and, as any young kid would, I cried. I started walking to my room, and he called for me. He gave me a hug and said, "I love you, son." Although I was upset, I never felt more loved in my life. That hug meant so much to me. I no longer looked at him as a man that spanked me but as a dad who loved his son. 

I have learned a lot from my dad. The most important advice he has given me is that my most dangerous weapon is my brain. As long as I have the ability to use it and think, I will be unstoppable.

My dad is an extremely hardworking man, and he does it all for his family. My dad wants his children to have a better life than what he had. He works hard to keep me in private school and all he asks in return is that I take advantage of the opportunities. I am determined to make a name for myself and become a successful man. I want to show my dad how much I appreciate all he has done for me. 

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