Stay Tuned is a social media-enabled discussion series on the Nine Network. The dynamic new show strives to stimulate community conversations about issues important to the vitality of the St. Louis region utilizing a full range of technologies including broadcast television, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ Hangouts. Education is a regular topic on Stay Tuned, linking our community to the challenges, consequences, and solutions of the dropout crisis. Watch now and join the discussion!

Back to School Part 2: Common Core

Do you think common core standards will help your student succeed? Click here to give us your thoughts on Facebook.

Back to School Part 1: Education in Our Region

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Graduation Season - What's Next?

Is your degree really worth the debt? Tell us what you think on Facebook.

Post-Secondary Education

Do you think all students should be required to acquire a post-secondary education? Click here to share your perspective on our Facebook Page!

Our Kids

Do you think our communities are doing enough to protect our students? Tell us your thoughts on our Facebook Page!

Impact of School Accreditation

Why do you think schools lose their accreditation? Click here and post a comment on our Facebook Page!


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