St. Louis Public (Neighborhood) Schools 

Your everyday public school housed down the road from a residence has evolved in the past 50 years. Those neighborhood schools still exist but now include charters and magnets within the public system. We took a look at what the fundamental definition and purpose of a public school today.

Resources and Information 

St. Louis Public Schools phone numbers to know 

  • Central office: 314-231-3720
  • Career & technical education: 314-345-4530
  • Early childhood: 314-331-6150
  • Enrollment info: 314-633-5200

About St. Louis Public Schools 

Facts to Know 

  • 46 elementary schools
  • 9 middle schools
  • 14 high schools
  • 6 alternative learning sites
  • Enrollment of more than 24,000 students
  • Staffing ratio (students to teachers) 17:1 

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