The Nine Network of Public Media teamed up with students from Cardinal Ritter College Prep's Intern Leadership Program to work on the American Graduate Initiative. The Summer 2014 interns are producing a weekly web series called GradTalk to explore various topics surrounding education and the dropout crisis.

Episode 1 examines the issues of discrimination, diversity, and stereotypes, and focuses primarily on how these issues can be handled on school campuses in order to avoid increased dropout rates. The Summer 2014 interns interviewed various students for the first GradTalk episode, including students from Saint Louis University and the Cultural Leadership Program, to get their perspectives on these important topics.

Episode 2 explores arts as a special way of expression and focuses on why it is needed in schools. The Summer 2014 interns talk to various community members and highlight their passions for using the arts as an asset to education.

In Episode 3, the Summer 2014 interns examine bullying as a serious issue that can prevent students from being successful in school and in the professional world. The Nine Team dives into how bullying has impacted their own lives, as well as the impact it has had on students and community members throughout St. Louis.

In Episode 4, the Summer 2014 interns talk to individuals who have benefited from getting a higher education versus those who obtained a high school diploma, GED, or neither. This episode uncovers the importance of education in order to achieve personal success.

On the last episode of GradTalk, the Summer 2014 interns explore the importance of parent involvement in the lives of young people. The interns get their own parents' perspectives on this topic and also discuss the important roles their parents played in their education.

The Nine Network interns talk about their internship experience during Summer 2014.

Interns (Left to Right) Gabby Hays, Mia Herron, Julia Green, Khadijah Forest, Chelsea Doyle, Diamond Martin, Cameron Caldwell.

The Nine Team created a video about their school, Cardinal Ritter College Prep.


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