American Graduate Latino is a multi-media space showcasing uplifting stories of Latino youth. Learn about the challenges and solutions of young Latinos as they strive toward graduating from high school and become American Graduate Champions.

Universidad Ya

No somos solo una estadística; somos gente real con sueños... y vamos a llegar muy lejos"estudiante.

My Education Means Everything

Students from Universidad Ya speak about the importance of continuing their education.




This music video by BUMP Records follows a student through Oakland California connecting the struggles of today's youth to the civil rights movement.


American Graduate

"I wanted to help… I wanted to make a change" A student from California talks about the struggles and motivations pushing Latino students to continue their education.


Teen Leaders Speak Out

"Every kid deserves a chance," Youth leaders from St. Louis call on the community to recognize the warning signs that prevent students from staying in school.


TED Talks Unplugged: What have you been able to accomplish with a high school diploma.

Geoffrey Canada, Rita Pierson and other influentials share their thoughts about the importance of graduating from high school.

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