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About the Series

About Building Blocks

Like a mason stacking bricks one by one to make a house, a new Nine Network series called Building Blocks tells stories about what young people need to build the steps leading to high school graduation and future success.

Building Blocks, a local American Graduate web series, focuses on issues affecting young people such as poverty, the need for mentors and the positive role fathers play. The web series launches in January on; a new episode will debut every week for 12 weeks.

The series covers an array of topics that contribute to raising children bound for success. Producers follow a Nurses for Newborns nurse on a call to a new mom; talk with a crossing guard whose experience with children includes her own eight children, 30 grandchildren and 34 great grandkids; meet beekeepers who are providing employment opportunities for underserved teens; and interview the director of the Broadway roadshow company of Motown the Musical, who offers his life as an example to kids wondering if it’s possible to get there from here.

Funding for Building Blocks comes from a PBS Digital Studios grant. 

About American Graduate

American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen is public media’s long-term commitment to supporting community-based solutions to the dropout crisis.  Supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), more than 80 public radio and television stations have joined forces with over 1,000 partners and at-risk schools across 30 states. 

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