Episode 1: Father Support Center

Close to 25 million children in the United States don’t have their father involved in their lives, but one local organization is working to lower that number.

Father Support Center focuses on providing support of families by helping men become responsible, supportive parents.

Both parents play a crucial role in the development of a child’s life, and studies show that fathers play a huge role in that child’s outcome.

According to the National Center for Fathering, children living with both parents test at a higher level, and those children with involved fathers tend to get mostly A’s in classes.

In addition, research shows children with absent fathers are more likely to:

  • Drop out of high school
  • Suffer from emotional and behavioral issues
  • Score poorly on tests

 Father Support Center is a program that provides men with skills to be responsible fathers.

 We spoke with a few members of the 104th graduating class and what they have to say about the support they received from the center. 

 The "Father Support Center" webisode is a part of the "Building Blocks" series.



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