Who's Affected? 

During the 2011-2012 school year, close to 3.5 million public school students missed school due to at least one suspension, and it’s estimated a total of 18 million days of lost instruction were due to out-of-school suspensions.

As previously mentioned, our region has some of the highest suspension rates in the country, according to the “Are We Closing the School Discipline Gap” report. Specifically, the report drew attention to St. Louis Public Schools and Cahokia Unit School District #187 in Illinois.

Among those suspensions, some of the highest suspensions occur in our region at the preschool and elementary school levels.




The chronic hitting of teachers and other children as well as foul language are the most common offensives that get preschoolers expelled from school today, said Zwolak, calling this type of behavior “angry love.” (St. Louis Public Radio interview)


"Preschool expulsions and suspensions are not child behaviors; they are adult decisions." - Dr. Gilliam https://t.co/uKpEHWUbTG#AmGradSTL

— LUME Institute, LLC (@LUMEInstitute) October 22, 2015


Q4 I do not discipline my 3 year old and 6 year old the same way and neither should schools. #AmGradSTL

— Megan Zuperku Betts (@mzuperku) October 22, 2015


While preschool suspension rates are high, they continue to climb even higher as you get into elementary and high school rates.



Nine Network producer Anne-Marie Berger spoke to a group of students about their experiences with suspensions and school discipline.

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