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Step to Success 

The Nine Network of Public Media’s Fall 2016 American Graduate interns produced “Step to Success,” an online video series that highlights challenges young people face as they work to graduate from high school and succeed in college and career. The interns collaborated to identify these issues, provide perspectives from people who have experienced them, and offer solutions to help young people succeed. 
Learn more about the producers (aka the interns) of the Fall 2016 class here.


Bullying (Episode One)

The first episode in the "Step to Success” series examines how bullying can hinder students' chances of graduating. In this episode, the Fall 2016 interns also explored peer pressure in college and how that can impact student success.

Teen Pregnancy (Episode Two) 

In this episode of "Step to Success," the American Graduate interns share various experiences and points of view about teen pregnancy. This episode also includes a skit that demonstrates how a pregnancy scare might impact a student’s life. 

Lack of Support (Episode Three) 

In this episode of "Step to Success,” the interns examine how a lack of support can impact students’ lives, and feature multiple different points of view to illuminate the issue.

Drugs and Alcohol (Episode Four) 

This episode of “Step to Success” uses dramatizations and interviews to highlight how drugs and alcohol can negatively impact students and potentially derail them from graduation and success in school.

Battling the System (Episode Five) 

A student spends at least eight hours a day at school, which is the time they use to learn what they need to know in order to succeed academically. However, sometimes students cannot receive what they need because of the way a school and its curriculum are designed. In this episode of “Step to Success,” viewers will hear the stories of both students and staff as they explain what may make it easier to battle the issues of school systems.

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