The Fall 2013 interns focused on gaining youth perspectives on the dropout crisis. The group surveyed students, conducted focus groups with their peers, and interviewed youth, educators, mentors, and community leaders to create their final video project that reflects the uplifting message they want to share with all youth: be the change.


Preview: An at-a-glance view of "Be The Change"


4 Youth By Youth: The Fall 2013 American Graduate Interns discuss why it's important for youth to uplift and support each other.


I Am Change: Students talk about the effects of having a positive role model, and encourage youth to have self-confidence and believe in themselves.


We Are Change: Students and community members introduce ideas of solutions we can adopt as a both a region and a country to improve youth outcomes.


Be The Change: Youth offer words of inspiration to their peers and commit to "be the change."

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