Speak Out: A conversation about education

The Nine Network of Public Media teamed up with students from Cardinal Ritter College Prep's Intern Leadership Program to work on the American Graduate Initiative. The Fall 2014 interns hosted a panel discussing topics in education and this is their production.

Learn more about the producers (aka the interns) of the Fall 2014 class here.

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Conversation about Mr. Shante Lyons and Mr. Kevin O'Brien


Ticket 2 Success

American Graduate unites generations: Intergenerational storytelling project

Senior citizens at The Gatesworth retirement community, inspired by the Nine Network’s American Graduate Day broadcast last September, contacted the station to find out how they could help with Nine’s five-year American Graduate initiative.

By combining the wisdom, experience and caring of The Gatesworth residents with the energy, openness and passion of students from Cardinal Ritter College Prep, the Intergenerational Storytelling Project was born. Click here for the full story.

Past intern classes

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