Summer 2016: Drop the Struggle

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Drop the Struggle

Nine Network’s Summer 2016 American Graduate interns worked together to raise awareness about various issues that can impact youth as they work to graduate from high school. For “Drop the Struggle,” the team created a series of videos that share some of the causes that lead youth to drop out of school and highlight ways to reduce the chances of them quitting. Through their content, the interns want to promote the message in the St. Louis community and beyond that all students have potential. 
Learn more about the producers (aka the interns) of the Summer 2016 class here.


Parental Advisory (Episode One)

Episode One stresses the effect of parental involvement on a child’s education. The interns extend a special thanks to all of the interviewees for sharing their story. Let’s drop the struggle!

Community Engagement (Episode Two) 

In this episode, the American Graduate interns emphasize and capture young people’s involvement in their communities and how community contributes to students’ success and progress in school. The episode includes footage from University City, Central West End, and north St. Louis. 

Home Away from Home (Episode Three)

This episode, we discuss how teacher's affect students' decision to drop out of high school. We will go in depth and discover not only how teachers but also how faculty and staff impact students in a major way

Peer Pressure Among the People (Episode Four) 

There are many people who can pressure students, including parents, teachers, and many more. However, there is one type of pressure that is the most influential among youth - peer pressure. In this episode, the American Graduate interns present dramatizations of different scenarios where peer pressure is present and offer ways to avoid negative situations.

Motivation through Wants/Needs (Episode 5)

We talk about motivation that students lack or need to succeed. Also, we touch on the subject of students not being able to go to school because they need to get a job to help support their families and how students can be distracted by what they want other than what they need.

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